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Interop ITX 2018 Day2

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It’s InteropITX, which means it’s vFit time!!!

For the last few years Eric Wright @discoposse has been organising a 5KM run under the #vFit banner.

This year saw a new running route as the normal round trip to the Las Vegas sign due to change of event. Instead we ran done the Vegas strip and down E Flamingo rd and back.

Choosing a Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

The Cloud Architecture workshop presented by Douglas Schminke and Andy Stone from Sungard Availability Services.

Being presented by a Vendor raised the concern about the topic being centric to their business. But thankfully the concerns were unfounded, no sales pitch, just quality content.

Cloud migration strategies were covered in depth with both technical and business considerations made.

Presenters spoke for a place of experience, backing up talking points with real world examples. This approach provided additional context and helped make things more relatable.

Getting Started with Serverless


I attended this session as it offered a hands on introduction to consuming functions as a service through the serverless framework.

Kassandra @nodebotanist took the class through initial installation of node, serverless framework and IOPipe modules.

Using AWS we deployed and invoked serverless functions, first directly addressing the function and secondly using the an API gateway.

The final parts of the session went over using IOPipe to monitor serverless events within AWS.

The session was well structured and informative. Like any hands on class the start was a bit slow due to troubleshooting issues attendees had getting the pre-requisites installed.

Block Party

The business hall opened after the days workshops were done and dusted. To celebrate the opening, attendees were providing with food and drink.

Vendor booths regardless of size appeared quite busy which is always good to see. People were moving all across the floor checking out what was on offer.

As per tradition, Interop has placed a games area in the business hall which is great. Last year this proved popular and seems to be once again.


I found the workshops more enjoyable today, content was well explained and delivered in a structured manner.

The block party isn’t usually something that I find appealing, so I didn’t spend too much time at the event.

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