• NSX Network and Security Functions and Services

    Switching: NSX switching resides on the data plane and utilises VMware vDS. Logical Switches are port groups on a vDS that are used for VXLAN traffic. Distributed port groups can also be used, but only for VLAN traffic. Routing: Distributed routing, enabling routing to take place in kernel, without the... more

  • NSX Terms

    Let’s crack open a can of acronym soup, because NSX is full of them. Seriously, typing about NSX makes my pinky fingers real shift workers. Software Defined Networking (SDN): Software-defined anything refers to decoupling the management from physical architecture. SDN is moving the management and configuration of the Datacentre Network... more

  • Book Review: Data Storage Networking: Real World Skills for the CompTIA Storage+ Certification and Beyond

    Data Storage Networking, is a great book to cover the fundamentals of storage protocols, including their pros and cons. This book would be suited for people just learning storage concepts or needing to brush up on skills. I could also see a physical copy of this book being used for... more

  • #vBrownBag APAC Theory of Design Series

    Theory of Design is a new series for the vBrownBag APAC podcast. Intended to take a vendor agnostic look at design practices and principals. The series will provide the tools needed to assess, build and communicate solutions regardless of the vendor or product classification. The series will cover a number... more

  • Lets get Physical

    There’s an old saying “Heathy body, healthy mind” and it’s something I agree with strongly. Being physically active is something I find very helpful for my work and personal life. Due to this, I would like to deviate from the technical side of things and write a post about lifestyle.... more

  • MS Local Administrator Password Solution. Part 2

    In part 1, we looked at making the necessary changes to AD for LAPS, from extended the schema to modifying the object attribute security. In this part, we will go through deploying the LAPS agent on a workstation. This process is very straight forward, we will use GPO to deploy... more

  • A quick first look at the Dell FX2

    Recently, I had the chance to look at a Dell FX2 and from the time I got to spend on it, I was quite impressed. Time spend on this bit of kit wasn’;t as long as I would have liked. It turned out the storage options didn’;t suit the client... more

  • VMware Hands on Labs for testing

    VMwares Hands on Labs (HOL) are a great way to explore products and features, without needing to have your own lab. When you launch a lab, the environment is spun up, when you exit  it is torn down. An entire lab is built in a built in a matter of... more

  • MS Local Administrator Password Solution. Part 1

    In May 2015 Microsoft released Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) to help address the issue of keeping local administrator accounts secure. Setting the account password by GPO generally means a large number of computers will have the same password. LAPS provides the ability for workstations to have randomly generated passwords,... more

  • Checking when external IP has changed with Python

    This is an exercise I thought of on the drive home from work. Just a task to help give context to the concepts I have been learning. This exercise came from wanting to VPN into my home network. The home network has a dynamic external IP address, which means I... more

  • OpenStack Austin 2016

    A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of being able to help vBrownBag produce 106 technical videos over a 4 day period. During the week of OpenStack summit, I was lucky enough to work with some exceptional people, meet old and new friends from the community and all... more

  • Creating AWS Instances with Boto3

    Yesterday I decided that I would like to create an AWS instance using python. After not very much searching, I came across Boto3 which is the python SDK for AWS and set to work. Being fairly green with both python and using APIs I felt like this was a bit... more

  • 1 year attending VMUG

    Before we go through my experience with VMUG over the last 12 months, it’s probably a good idea to cover what VMUG is. VMUG is a community for VMware Users and Partners, which has a large focus on providing education, events and a community for it’s members. There are a... more

  • Heading down the path of automation

    It’s hard to work in the IT industry and not hear about automation on practically a daily basis. For quite a while I always saw automation as something for large companies that are deploying numerous servers compared to the one off file server or DC that I am used to with... more

  • A bit on podcasts

    For a while now I’;ve taken to listening to podcasts during my commute to and from work. Podcasts have become my primary source of audio in the car for two main reasons; I have to pay attention to what is being said so it helps to take my mind off... more