• Cloud Considerations: Data Gravity

    Data gravity imposes a significant constraint on assessing where a workload should run. Workloads perform better when close to the source of data. Data latency has a tangible cost associated. The timing might be in milliseconds, but the impact can be significant. A business loses money when employees are waiting.... more

  • Turbonomic: User Configuration

    We are going to cover the basics of user configuration that Turbonomic makes available. Authentication methods and RBAC are the two main focus areas. We will step through connecting to AD and providing users access. Authentication Methods Turbonomic provides two platforms authentication platforms. You can use local authentication and AD. AD... more

  • Career: Learning new skills

    Learning new skills is essential to stay relevant. If we are not learning new things, we are going backwards. This is not to say you should study at every moment. But, there is a need to learning something new. Different people have different methods for learning. Some people learn best... more

  • NSX Layer2 Security

    Layer2 Invisibility L2 traffic is a major blind spot for many companies. Most security filtering only happens when traffic traverses a Layer3 boundary. If traffic does not cross this boundary, it is not scanned and not seen. Attackers can move unseen within a L2 network, due to this lack of visibility. Physical firewalls... more

  • Review: Bose QC 35 Headphones

    Bose QC 35 headphones are considered by many as market leaders. The provide excellent comfort and effective noise cancelling. The noise cancelling excels with continuous noises, such as engines. Making frequent travellers an ideal target market. The constant drone of an engine is fatiguing. Use of noise cancelling headphones, you... more

  • Turbonomic Intro: Desired State and Virtual Market Place

    Turbonomic is an operations management platform, built on a rich set of APIs. It has the capability to connect to many different systems and gather  extensive datasets. This entry will cover the fundamentals of Desired State and Virtual Market Place. These two components are the basis for Turbonomics recommendations. Platform... more

  • Quality of Service with NSX

    QoS is a method of providing a minimal Quality of Service to network traffic. This is done through adding values to the Ethernet or packet headers. By adding these values, priority can be assigned to network traffic types. Some services do not a significant amount of bandwidth but are sensitive... more

  • Thoughts on VCDX Workshop

    Last night Sydney VMUG hosted a VCDX Workshop, with Travis Wood presenting. This is the first workshop that I have attended and thought that I would share some thoughts on my impressions. Travis holds two VCDX certifications for Data Center Virtualization and Desktop and is a VCDX panelist. Being a VCDX panelist means that... more

  • VMware vSphere Physical and Virtual RDM

    RDM High-Level Cover VMware vSphere RDM or Raw Device Mapping is the method to remove levels of abstraction from the storage presented to vSphere VMs. RDMs are used to meet use cases and could be considered a deviation from the ‘normal’;. When creating an RDM, there are two options; Virtual and... more

  • Converting VMDK to Physical RDM

    I’;ve been having some issues with the conversion of a VMDK to a Physical RDM. This is a request from a client, as the storage and backup vendor has stated that there are advantages to doing this. Not something I have done before, but nothing wrong with that. I found... more

  • Das Keyboard Professional 4 Review

    Recently I have started using a Das Professional 4 and I thought it might be time to do a review. I’;m not going to go through the features of the keyboard, cable length etc. You can find that everywhere. This review covers my experience with it. I have been long time user... more

  • Impact of attitude and culture in the workplace

    A lot people in a recruitment position, comment on the importance of attitude when hiring a new staff member. Usually summed up as “You can train skills, not attitude”. This is also a major factor in determining a cultural fit. Attitude has a major impact on our careers, our motivation... more

  • NSX: IPsec VPN

    The NSX Edge can be configured to provide site-to-site VPN connectivity using IPsec. If you’;re not familiar with IPsec, I suggest having a read up on that first. As IPsec is a standard, information already published will be transferable. An NSX Edge can connect to any other device that supports... more

  • IT Community Involvement

    It’;s coming up to two years that I have been running this blog, and roughly the same amount of time since I started being involved in the IT community. I thought it’;s a good time to sit back and reflect on being involved in the IT community and maybe help... more

  • Turbonomic First impression

    A few days ago, I spun up Turbonomic on my home lab and have had a bit of a look around. I thought I would share my experience and thoughts on what I have seen from the product. Installing Turbonomic is about as easy and straight forward as you can get.... more