• Using the Chef provisioner with Terraform

    Terraform is an awesome tool used to manage infrastructure using the Infrastructure as Code philosophy. Modules called Providers enable Terraform to communicate with a number of different cloud providers. Post deployment tasks are performed through a separate set of modules called ‘Provisioners’;. A provisioner is used to execute commands locally... more

  • Chef: Breaking out the oven mitts

    Configuration management systems are used to deploy and ensure a standard environmental state. You might use a configuration manager to ensure that a file exists, or a certain setting is always applied to a system. As your IT infrastructure grows or becomes more distributed ensuring a consistent state becomes more... more

  • Cumulus Linux: Network changes with a CICD pipeline

    While at Interop ITX 2017, I met with Eric Pulvino from Cumulus Networks and learnt a bit about where Cumulus was heading and what’s new. One of the topics that got my attention was using a CICD pipeline for end to end testing of network configuration changes. Cumulus Linux in a... more

  • Interop ITX: First time attendees impressions

    As I write this, I’;m on my way home after attending my first Interop event. The purpose of this post is to detail my experience at Interop ITX 2017 as a first time attendee. Interop Community Interop was designed around the conference, not vendors. This provides a different dynamic to many... more

  • Interop ITX 2017: Day 2

    Over the past few years, Eric Wright has been organising running events called #vfit for conference attendees. The runs are 5 KM in length and suitable for all fitness levels, from sprinters to walkers. Interop ITX 2017 was the first event to put #vfit on the agenda, and it was big. I’;m... more

  • Interop ITX 2017: Day 1

    The Interop ITX fun started last night with Eric Wright taking me out for a wonderful mothers day dinner. We got good and nerdy covering topics from automation to vendor competition. Actual Day 1 The first day of Interop ITX started with a light run from the MGM to the... more

  • Vertiv: UPS Discussion

    During Dell EMC World 2017, I had the chance to chat to Vertiv about who they are and what they do. For the conversation, they chose to discuss their UPS and the benefits it brings, which frankly was underwhelming. Vertiv offers a range of products and services, which we did... more

  • Dell EMC World 2017: All wrapped up

    With all the T-shirts and swag handed out, Dell EMC World gets boxed up for another year. Over the four day event we heard announcements for XtremeIO, IoT, Hello Alice, DTUG and others. Many things, this post won’;t be touching on :). I attended the event with vBrownBag to produce... more

  • NSX: Passed VCP6-NV

    In October 2016, I took the VCP6-NV exam and failed. While this was not the first exam I have failed, it was eye opening. After seeing the question set, I realized my understanding of the exam was incorrect. I wrote a post In February, I went to retake the exam... more

  • PowerShell: Logging in JSON format

    When writing scripts for clients, it’;s important to generate good logs. It’;s a common position where a script works perfectly in test. But in production something is askew. Being able to look back at the process and step through after the fact is essential. Usually my logs are written in... more

  • Python: Parsing API XML Response Data

    Recently I have started to look at the Turbonomic API. Due to my current skill level in Python, I quickly hit a roadblock. The response from an API is in in XML format. Parsing the response in XML slowed things down a little. Which is the focus of the post.... more

  • vBrownBag Schedule Sydney and Melbourne VMUG UserCons

    It’s UserCon time down under. Which means, vBrownBag are presenting tech talks. Following the UserCon theme, we a number of presentations of personal development. As well as technical coverage. Talk schedules are below Sydney Time Topic Presenter 10:50 - 11:05 Considerations for running Tier 1 databases on VSAN Murray Oldfield @murray_oldfield... more

  • Review: PluralSight Offline Player OSX Beta

    Roughly a month ago, I received an invite to beta test the PluralSight offline player. At the time, only a Mac client was available. Previously PluralSight had an offline player, and it was awful. Thankfully this has not been the experience with the new player. My daily commute involves a... more

  • Review: JetBrains PyCharm

    PyCharm from JetBrains, is a full featured Python IDE. Which over the last 6 months has been my Python IDE of choice. The official site is: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm. I would like to share my experiences, which have mostly been positive. Editions Before jumping into thoughts and experiences, lets preface with the two... more

  • Python: Getting Started with HTTP Requests

    If you’;re looking at Python to interact with API’;s, it’;s likely that you’;ll use the Requests module. Many platforms also offer SDK’;s to help. Such as, Boto3 which is the AWS Python SDK. Requests is very well documented, both official and community documentation. The official site for Requests is http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/ In... more