Thoughts on VCDX Workshop
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Brett Johnson
Last night Sydney VMUG hosted a VCDX Workshop, with Travis Wood presenting. This is the first workshop that I have attended and thought that I would share some thoughts on my impressions. Travis holds two VCDX certifications for Data Center Virtualization and Desktop and is a VCDX panelist. Being a VCDX panelist means that Travis reviews design submissions and sits on the examinor panel, grading defences. What is the VCDX Certification VCDX is VMwares top level certification and validates a mastery of VMware technologies and design methodologies.

1 year attending VMUG
· ☕ 5 min read · ✍️ Brett Johnson
![VMUG]({{ “/assets/images/2016/03/vmug_logo-300x88-300x88.png” | absolute_url }}) Before we go through my experience with VMUG over the last 12 months, it’s probably a good idea to cover what VMUG is. VMUG is a community for VMware Users and Partners, which has a large focus on providing education, events and a community for it’s members. There are a lot of regional VMUGs around the world for people to join. Each VMUG is locally run, so meeting frequency and formats are likely to vary.