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First Experience with VDM30in30

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    VDM30in30 is a challenge from the Virtual Design Master crew. The aim is to produce 30 pieces of content in 30 days. This content can be in any format. If you don’;t reach the 30, that’;s ok.

    I did not reach the goal of 30 new content pieces. I ended up with 16 blog posts and 2 videos. The videos can be found on here.

    Experience with VDM30in30

    Prior to VDM30in30, my blog only had 30 posts. As a result, there are now 46 posts. Rather a significant jump. But I don’;t feel post count is the metric to be used for judging success.

    By having a goal to publish more content, I was thinking of different ways to get content out. Due to this, I found new types of articles to write and started to feel more confident in what I wrote.

    To improve writing skills, you must write more. VDM30in30 has helped my writing significantly. Through changing post styles, I have managed to learn how to my use of writing language has improved. Reviews, for example, have assisted with balanced criticism.

    To keep this concise. The results of participating are:

    • Increased views
    • Increased followers
    • Improved confidence in publishing
    • Better understanding of writing styles
    • Written language skills significantly improved
    • Found new blogs

    To the other VDM30in30 participants

    To all who participated, you’;re all bloody legends. I’;m hoping that you all got as much out if it as I did. I read as many posts as time out allow and the content has been amazing.

    To view the full list of participants, visit the official page.

    To VDM Crew

    You have provided an amazing program. As a result, the community has more quality content to draw from. I really cannot thank you enough.

    VDM can be found at Please take the time to check it out.

    In risk of waffling, this section is purposefully short.

    Closing Thoughts

    This has been a great program for the community has a whole. As a result, many people will see benefits.

    If you would like to participate in  the next VDM30in30. Follow Eric Wright on twitter.

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