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vBrownBag APAC Admin Utility Series

 ·  ☕ 1 min read  ·  ✍️ Brett Johnson

    vBrownBag APAC is currently setting up a new series of podcasts for 2016, starting on the 10th of March. The podcasts will be live streamed and recorded at 9 PM NZDST and uploaded to YouTube after the show.

    We are looking for Admins who would like to present a podcast on a utility that they find invaluable to their day to day operations. The premise to not only demonstrate the features and functionality of the product, but to also explain the organisational use case that it fulfills. We are looking to cover utilities used across all stages of the virtual infrastructure life cycle.

    The podcasts run for approximately 1 hour and can consist of slides, videos or live demonstrations (at your own risk of course).

    If you are interested in discussing this further, you can contact me at @BrettJohnson008 or

    If you would like more information on vBrownBag head to our About page

    You can subscribe to the podcast through this link.


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