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vBrownBag ACI Series

 ·  ☕ 2 min read  ·  ✍️ Brett Johnson

    Recently vBrownBag kicked off the APAC podcast with a 4 part series on Cisco’;s SDN solution ACI. Before getting into the details of the show I would like to thank our presenters, Lauren Malhoit @malhoit{.ProfileHeaderCard-screennameLink.u-linkComplex.js-nav} and Carl Niger @carl_niger{.ProfileHeaderCard-screennameLink.u-linkComplex.js-nav} for taking the time to put together some fantastic content and presenting at a local time when most of us would be asleep.

    The series provided excellent product information on Cisco’;s SDN solution as well a great a technical overview of the components and some of its capabilities. We were taken through the architecture required, terminology and implementation details. Both Lauren and Carl provided excellent technical depth and explanation.

    Part 1 – Getting started with ACI

    • Spine/Leaf architecture
    • Demo – Fabric Discovery
    • End Point Groups
    • Policy Driven Networking/Application Network Profiles
    • Demo – Create an Application Network Profile


    **Part 2 – VMM Integration **

    • Highlights of integration with VMware
    • Highlights of integration with Hyper-V
    • Highlights of integrations with Azure
    • Demo – Show integration with vCenter and how EPGs become portgroups


    Part 3 – Contracts

    • Continue with ANP – from an AVS point of view
    • Dynamic EPGs with AVS
    • Distributed Firewall with AVS
    • Demo – Dynamic EPGs with vCenter


    Part 4 – ACI Automation and Orchestration

    • API Inspector
    • Demo – API Inspector
    • ACI Toolkit
    • Demo – ACI Toolkit
    • Cloud Orchestration Tools
    • Demo – Openstack



    Details on upcoming podcasts can be found at the offical vBrownBag site: and at the office vBrownBag YouTube channel


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