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Default to PowerShell in Windows Core

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One of the big pushes in Server 2012 is the use a Server Core installation instead of the full GUI install. Microsoft have put a lot of effort into encouraging administrators to use PowerShell as a core tool for day to day administration of servers, which is why is seems a bit strange that a Server Core installation boots to a traditional command prompt instead of a PowerShell prompt.

To change your Server Core installation to launch PowerShell instead of the normal Command Prompt is a simple registry change.

From the Command Prompt run Regedit

Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

![Regedit]({{ “/assets/images/2015/02/PowerShell-reg-default.png” | absolute_url }})

The highlighted Shell dword is what we need to change, so double click on that and type in powershell.exe

![New Key]({{ “/assets/images/2015/02/updated.png” | absolute_url }})

Click Ok and close the Registry Editior.

When you reboot the server you will now have a PowerShell prompt.

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