Server 2012 PSOD With E1000 NIC

While testing out a Server 2012 install on ESXi 5.5 I noticed that when copying files between it and any other server I would get a PSOD.

The main section of the PSOD that got my attention was E1000PollRxRring@vmkernel

After a bit of searching around I found that there seems to be a common issue with Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 using the E1000 NIC. Standard solution seems to be remove your current E1000 NIC from the guest machine and add a NIC running as VMXNET3.

My steps for installing a server 2012 based OS as a VM on ESXi are:

  • Create VM with settings as needed, leaving the NIC as E1000
  • Install the guest OS
  • Install VM Tools
  • Shutdown the guest
  • Remove the E1000 NIC and add a new NIC as VMXNET3 .