After reading over RTP this morning I decided to run up a very simple EIGRP setup in GNS3 to help visualise what is happening. As the image above shows the setup is very straight forward. The link from R4 to […]

  • Layer 2 Frame changes through at each hop

    Layer 2 Frame changes through at each hop

    I enjoy building test environments to help cement the concepts I read about. In this case it’s the changes to the source and destination MAC addresses of a frame at layer 2 while it passes through each hop on the […]

  • Ping VM to FastEthernet 0/0

    CCNA Home LAB

    During my study for my VCP5-DCV certification I found that having a home lab was a huge asset in terms of being able to get a better understanding of the subject matter. Now that I am working towards my CCNA […]