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  • Working in SMB Space

    One thing I have been hearing a bit of recently is that doing a task at small scale is easier than at large scale. This simply isn’t true, though it’s not harder either. Both small and large scale problems have […]

  • Canary Token

    On the 28th of Jan, I got a notification on my phone that episode 396 of the Risky Business podcast was ready to be streamed for my drive home commute. The sponsored interview with Haroon Meer on a free service called […]

  • vBrownBag APAC Admin Utility Series

    vBrownBag APAC is currently setting up a new series of podcasts for 2016, starting on the 10th of March. The podcasts will be live streamed and recorded at 9 PM NZDST and uploaded to YouTube after the show. We are looking […]

  • vBrownBag ACI Series

    Recently vBrownBag kicked off the APAC podcast with a 4 part series on Cisco’s SDN solution ACI. Before getting into the details of the show I would like to thank our presenters, Lauren Malhoit @malhoit and Carl Niger @carl_niger for taking the time to put […]